Yet Another Guide to Cryptic Crosswords

Like many solvers of cryptic puzzles, I want more people to enjoy them. In these pages, I try to tell you enough about cryptic puzzles for you to start having fun by solving them.
Introduction  Includes a quick description of cryptic puzzles, an instant history and some terminology. 
Clue Types  A list of the clue types used in cryptic puzzles.
Solving tips  General advice about solving puzzles.
The bad and the ugly  What makes a bad cryptic crossword? 
Puzzle sources  Where to find good cryptic puzzles, and information about some famous setters. 
Internet stuff  Some resources for solvers.
UK references  Some assistance with cricket terminology, names of British rivers, and other stuff that's likely to baffle non-Brits.

A few notes

Constructive criticism of this site is welcome (including any typos you spot). Every page includes a link to an e-mail address at the bottom.

Some text is really me musing on cryptic puzzles. This is in a smaller font, probably indented ...

... like this text here.

This site is written from experience of solving puzzles in the UK. Unqualified references to 'newspaper puzzles' really mean 'UK newspaper puzzles'. When practice differs substantially in other countries, I'll try to indicate this. I'll also try to avoid unexplained local references in the examples.

Although it's possible to have cryptic crosswords in languages other than English, there is nothing about those puzzles here. 

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